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Thanks for your participating ACA2019 NAGOYA

We would like to thank all participants, sponsors and staff for making ACA2019 a successful meeting. We are very happy to hear that you enjoyed the meeting. We really hope that ACA2019 will inspire everyone especially young researchers and students to further develop their research in the world of color.

263 attendees from 10 countries joined in ACA2019.
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Welcome to the Asia Color Association Conference 2019

29 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2019cMeijo University, Nagoya, JAPAN
The Asia Color Association (ACA) is pleased to invite you to Nagoya in Japan for ACA2019. This meeting will provide a unique forum, bringing together researchers, academics, students, artists, architects, industrialists, engineers, designers, computer scientists, lighting experts, media professionals, exhibitors and business leaders. It is hoped that attendants can expand their knowledge and experience from listening to presented papers, reading posters, appreciating art works, and discussing each other. The theme of ACA2019 is bColor Communicationsb. Color has the power to change the world and future and it is increased through communication. The conference will be held before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. We anticipate seeing around 200 delegates from all over Asia enjoying this conference in bColor Communicationsb. Suggested fields are listed below but not limited to those.

Fields and Topics

1. Color vision: Color vision, Color physiology, Color appearance
2. Quality of life: Universal color design, Color deficiency, Elderly vision
3. Color psychology: Color culture, Color art, Color aesthetic,
c Color education, Color experience, Color emotion and preference
4. Color design: Color in product design, Color in fashion, Color environment, Personal color
5. Color application: Color physics and engineering, Color in printing and media, Color in packaging,
c Color in agriculture, Color in architecture, Urban design
6. Color in health and cosmetics: Color in medicine, Color in food, Color in cosmetics, Color of skin
7. Color technology: Color measurement, Color notation, Color difference, Color light, Color lighting, Color materials
8. Color imaging: Color image processing, Computational color image, Color in computer graphics,Color reproduction, Color image quality
9. Color in new fields
10. Others

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26 Nov. 2019
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31 Oct. 2019
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30 Oct. 2019
"Early registration 2" deadline is extended to 15 Nov. 2019.
16 Oct. 2019
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2 Oct. 2019
Registration of new package "Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speech" is now open.
13 Sep. 2019
Full paper submission deadline is 30 Sep.
All speakers have to complete registration and payment before 30 Sep.
Banquet and excursion submission deadline is also 30 Sep.
3 Aug. 2019
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28 May. 2019
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16 May. 2019
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17 Apr. 2019
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Important Dates

15 Jun. 31 May 2019 Abstract submission deadline (500 words)
3 Aug. 2019 Notification of acceptance
3 Aug. 2019 Open date for registration
30 Sep. 2019 Full paper submission deadline (for all authors)
30 Sep. 2019 Early registration 1 deadline (for all authors)
31 Oct. 15 Nov. 2019 Early registration 2 deadline
*These are hard deadlines; no extensions will be granted.


Cosponsored by
cThe Color Science Association of Japan

In cooperation with
cAichi Prefectural Government
cNagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry
cMeijo University

With the support of
cThe grant of Secom Science and Technology Foundation
cThe grant of Daiko Foundation

cThe Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan
cVision Society of Japan
cJapan Society of Kansei Engineering
cThe Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
cJapan Society of Colour Material
cInformation Processing Society of Japan
cThe Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
cThe Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
cThe Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology
cThe Japan Society of Home Economics
cThe Imaging Society of Japan
cThe Japanese Society of Ophthaimological Optics
cThe Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
cThe Japanese Psychonomic Society
cArchitectural Institute of Japan
cThe Optical Society of Japan
cJapan Lighting Manufacturers Association
cJapanese Society for The Science of Design
cCoating Equipment Manufacturers Association, Japan
cThe Japan Ergonomics Society


Sponsored by
cKonica Minolta, Inc.
cShinto Tsushin Co., Ltd.

cNamoto Corporation
cKonica Minolta, Inc.


Please refer to the following files for the details of sponsorship options.
Download a guide:PDF (in Japanese).
Download an application form:Word (in Japanese).


Conference Chair:
cTeiji Tachibana, President of Meijo University
International Advisory Committee:
cMitsuo Ikeda, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand (Chair)
cTien-Rein Lee, Huafan University, Taiwan
cHaisong Xu, Zhejiang University, China
cAdi Djoko Guritno, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
cChanprapha Phuangsuwan, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand
cNaoyuki Osaka, Kyoto University, Japan
cHirohisa Yaguchi, Chiba University, Japan
cMiho Saito, Waseda University, Japan
cMiyoshi Ayama, Utsunomiya University, Japan
cTakahiko Horiuchi, Chiba University, Japan
cHiroyasu Koshimizu, Chukyo University, Japan
cToshio Fukuda, Meijo University, Japan
Movie Editor:
cTadashi Osumi, SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd
Program Committee:
cKatsunori Okajima, Yokohama National University (Chair)
cTomoko Obama, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture (Co-chair)
Steering Committee:
General Chair:
cMikiko Kawasumi, Meijo University
cYoko Mizokami, Chiba University(Chair)
cMisako Yamagishi, Aichi Shukutoku University
cHisayo Ishihara, Sugiyama Jogakuen University
cShosuke Yagihashi, Color Science Association of Japan
cShinji Nakamura, Nihon Fukushi University(Chair)
cYasuhiro Seya, Aichi Shukutoku University
cTakashi Hanari, Sugiyama Jogakuen University
cTaiichiro Ishida, Kyoto University(Chair)
cTakayuki Tsujino, Color Science Association of Japan
Public Relationship:
cHiroyuki Shinoda, Ritsumeikan University(Chair)
cManami Tada, Chic-design
cEiji Kamei, Meijo University(Chair)
cAtsushi Tsukada, Meijo University
cNorihiro Ikeda, Kictec (Chair)
cMasato Hotta, Asahi University
cKanoko Washizu, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
Reception Desk:
cTakashi Sakamoto, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Chair)
cHideki Sakai, Osaka City University
cKanoko Washizu, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
cChiho Watanabe, Toyoda Gosei (Chair)
cYoshiko Sumiyoshi & Special Interest Group on Environmental Color Design for Daily Living
cTomoko Obama, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture(Chair)
cYumiko Sobue, Atelier Tricolor
Coordination with CSAJ:
cShinya Takahashi, President of Color Science Association of Japan
cMichiru Shimokawa, Board member of Color Science Association of Japan
cYasuki Yamauchi, Yamagata University
cYoko Yamauchi, Studio die Sonne
cTakashi Hanari, Sugiyama Jogakuen University
cRyosuke Yamagata, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
c c
Steering committee members, 15 Sep. 2019


Mikiko Kawasumi, General Chair of Steering Committee, Meijo University, JAPAN
E-mail: info_ACA2019@color-science.jp