2015 AIC Midterm Meeting in TOKYO



– Premium sponsor –  BYK-Gardner GmbH


BYK-Gardner is part of the BYK Additives and Instruments Division of Altana AG, a worldwide leader in the additives, special coatings and adhesives, effect pigments, sealants and testing instruments.

Innovation and Customer Focus – hand in hand

BYK-Gardner provides QC system solutions to those industries where color, appearance and physical properties add important value to their products. Innovative developments are the essential prerequisites to meet current and future needs of our customers. New technologies such as LED light sources or camera detection are the key to ensure not only accurate and reliable results in the most efficient way, but also a continuous improvement in correlation to the visual perception.New products and application oriented solutions are the result of customer focus and partnership with our customers on a global basis. Therefore, BYK-Gardner is represented with subsidiaries and distributors in over 100 countries and regions.

Quality is our business

Our instruments are manufactured and controlled according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 50001, ISO 14001 guidelines and procedures.

Brand new manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art production and advanced calibration equipment – all this makes BYK-Gardner products rank among the best in the market.

BYK-Gardner sets standards in color and appearance control.

BYK-Gardner GmbH

– Premium sponsor –  Konica Minolta Inc.

Sensing Business Unit of Konica Minolta Inc. provides light and color measuring instruments based on the company’s core optical technology to every corner of the world. As a pioneer in this filed, we developed the first light meter used on board a spacecraft in 1968 (Apollo 8) and the world’s first portable spectrophotometer in 1982. Our products have recently become a staple in research and manufacturing environments, helping our partners to be innovative and successful in making breakthroughs with the least waste of time and effort by improving and assuring the quality of their products. This commitment to creating value for customers is the shared passion and the core principle behind the Konica Minolta brand. Color management is essential in almost all areas of manufacturing, including automotive, paint, plastic, chemicals, textiles, construction materials, medicine, cosmetics, and food. Our color control techniques are instrumental in measuring subtle color differences that human eyes cannot distinguish accurately. Konica Minolta’s spectrophotometers and colorimeters are therefore widely utilized at quality control and R&D. We promise to do our best to contribute to the success of our customers by providing not only the state-of-the-art products, but the high level of customer-centric technical support and services worldwide. Konica Minolta

– Gold sponsor –  EBA Japan Co.,Ltd.

EBA Japan CO.,LTD. treats spectral imaging technologies.Our technologies clear and propose the path for your innovative future.They can get spectroscopic information not for one pixel but for all pixels quickly.Using the spectroscopic information map, you can convert colors to every color space coordinates and evaluate them in 3 dimensions (horizontal, vertical, spectral).The spectral color imaging system is helpful in “Various display evaluations”, “Color rendering evaluation”, “Color evaluation of cultural assets” or “Evaluation of light source”.We hope that “EBA Japan Imaging” will help you with your research and offer the hints for your future prosperities. >Eba Japan Co.,Ltd.

– Gold sponsor –  FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation

Fujifilm Group is transcending its conventional business fields of “Imaging and Information” to transform into a company that contributes to the development of culture, science, technology and industry, as well as improving health and environmental protection across society. To help enhance the quality of life toward realizing a society in which people enjoy spiritual and material wealth, we will strive to realize our corporate philosophy through the three business fields of Imaging Solutions, Information Solutions and Document Solutions. >FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation

– Gold sponsor –   Suga Test Instruments Co.,Ltd.

SUGA Test Instruments Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company specialized in optical property measuring instruments. Since 1959, SUGA Test Instruments, has developed Colour Meters and thereafter other unique color property, and accumulated rich experiences supporting global partners in improving and assuring the quality of partners’ products.SUGA Test Instruments, manufacturers, sells and provides services globally, portable and desk top, world-class colour meters, spectrometers, and unique & bench top gloss meters, haze meters and image clarity meters.These colour appearance analyzers allow one to access and control the colour appearance properties of products and materials.SUGA-only is a brand that you can rely and depend upon to solve all your colour appearance needs. >Suga Test Instruments Co.,Ltd.

– Silver sponsor –  DIC Corporation / DIC Graphics Corporation

DIC is a fine chemicals company with a top share in printing inks, organic pigments and PPS compounds in the global market.
DIC provides a broad range of products that respond to the needs of society and its customers, and works to bring people “Color & Comfort by Chemistry.”
>DIC Corporation / DIC Graphics Corporation

– Silver sponsor –  Japan Paint Manufacturers Association

The Japan Paint Manufacturers Association (JPMA) was established in April 1948 as a voluntary organization of paint manufacturers industry. JPMA consists of about 258 members: Regular Members who are leading paint manufacturers in Japan, plus Supporting Members who are engaged in paint-related industries. >Japan Paint Manufacturers Associationn

– Silver sponsor –  Murakami Color Research Laboratory

– Silver sponsor –  NCS Colour AB

Challenges related to colour are faced by designers, architects and manufacturing industries worldwide. As colour experts, our job is to help tackle them.Most of our offerings and products are based on the Natural Colour System®© – a globally used colour standard for ensuring quality and communicating colours cross-industry. NCS


NIPPON DENSHOKU INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD., is specialist for color measuring instruments.
It’s been half a century since we have started to support the color management and will broaden our view and contribute to color business society.

– Silver sponsor –  OPTIS Japan

Since 1989, OPTIS has led the way in light simulation software. Our unique physics based simulation tools deliver the most accurate representation of optical and lighting systems and are fully integrated into the world leading CAD platforms. OPTIS solutions can also help you understand how color and spectrum work in your products and systems. OPTIS

– Silver sponsor –  Spectral Application Research Lab. Inc.

Spectral Application Research Laboratory Inc. (SARLI) supplies a Spectral Imaging System (all own designs) which is able to examine the mixed state of natural and artificial materials more deeply. Our system consists of camera and drive device on sample side, and also a dedicated software application is built-in. Spectral Application Research Lab. Inc.

– Silver sponsor –  Systems Engineering Inc.

Systems Engineering Inc.

– Silver sponsor –  Topcon Technohouse Corporation

Topcon Technohouse Corporation provides various types of light and color measuring instruments and contributes to the development of many industries.
Our Luminance colorimeter BM series, Spectroradiometer SR-3/UL series, and Illuminance meter IM series have been used as standard in various industry fields such as Flat panel display, Illumination, and Automotive.
Topcon Technohouse Corporation

– Basic sponsor –  Canon Inc.

Canon specializes in an extensive range of imaging products such as digital cameras, printers, office multifunction devices, and others for consumers, businesses, and professionals. With years of expertise in image-processing technologies, Canon creates high-quality, unified color look possible even for input and output devices with differing color reproduction ranges. >Canon Inc.

– Basic sponsor – Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg.Co.,Ltd.

– Basic sponsor –  Integra Inc.

Primary businesses of Integra Inc. are development, marketing and sale of computer software products and related services for engineering.
Main products of the company are software packages, Hybrid Light Simulation Software, lumicept for optical and illumination simulation where accuracy and speed to simulate propagation of light has the essential importance.
>Integra Inc.

– Basic sponsor –  KLV. CO., Ltd.

KLV is known as one of the top makers of light sources, optical parts, and optical products. We have contributed to the development of optical technology in many field including medical, biological, agricultural, environmental, and food sciences for the past 30 years in Japan. >KLV. CO., Ltd.

– Basic sponsor –  SERIC Ltd.

We are a manufacturer of artificial solar light, branded SOLAX for color evaluation. We have many sales result to deliver our products for our customers, who are car manufacturers, paint companies, digital camera makers, cosmetic companies, and so. We recommend our product for color management as the professional sunlight maker. >SERIC Ltd.

– Coffee Break sponsor –  OFFICE COLOR SCIENCE Co., Ltd

Office Color Science Co., Ltd is specialized in computer system relating to color science. We have mainly developed Computer Color Matching (CCM) system and Color Quality Control system for Metallic and Pearlescent color. We pursue the possibility of color application and create value through our technology to enrich color design of industrial products. >Office Color Science Co., Ltd
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